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Top 20 New Jersey Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

The New Jersey real estate business is hyper competitive, but these Realtors have found an edge on social media.

New Jersey is another state with a high density of Realtors. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 1 in every 201 residents is a Realtor. It’s clear that being a New Jersey real estate agent is not an easy job. However, the Realtors on this list have used social media among other things to propel their business and beat the competition.

#20: Ana Montes

Ana is known for posting beautiful pictures of the real estate that she lists. Her loyal followers are always engaging with her content, proving that her social media strategy is working.

#19: Joseph Aziz

Joseph is “The Realtor who always answers.” We love that. Along with his exceptional customer service, there’s something we can tell from his Facebook page that he does really well. He closes deals!

#18: April Hartmann

April has been on top Realtor lists before, including Realtor Magazine’s Top 30 Under
30. Her awesome social media presence has got her on this top list and she deserves it!

#17: Orly Chen

There’s one word that comes to mind when you look at Orly’s social media presence – stunning. Her listings, pictures and videos are all stunning. This level of quality has generated great exposure for her on social media.

#16: Salvatore Ventre

It’s safe to say that people love Salvatore’s social media posts. He uses high quality pictures, emojis, great titles and clear descriptions. Salvatore is an example to the whole real estate industry on social media.
#15: Mario Venancio

Mario’s strength on social media is his consistency. Almost every day, his followers can expect a steady stream of real estate that’s for sale or just sold.
Did we mention that his Instagram is full of beautiful real estate too? Great job Mario!

#14: Sam Joseph

Sam just won the #1 Companywide Agent award at the Pinnacle Group! He’s a luxury home specialist and we can tell that he’s also a social media specialist. Sam’s clearly on the road to the top and isn’t stopping anytime soon!

#13: Kathy Boyle Laufer & Rita Boyle O’Brien

Kathy Boyle Laufer & Rita Boyle O’Brien are The Sister Sales Team. They are known for their “EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK!” posts on social media. They showcase their upcoming listings to their fans who obviously love it!

#12: Priscilla Torres

Priscilla is on the rise to the top. She’s been recently included in the list of top 5 agents in her office and used social media to help her get there. Her listing posts get tons of engagement and she keeps it interesting with other forms of content as well.

#11: Steve Dziegielewski

One of Steve’s Facebook posts claims that “If you want your home sold and not just listed, Call Me Today!” We believe it! He regularly updates his fans on his thriving real estate activity. Awesome stuff Steve!

#10: Kathryn Bateman

We adore Kathryn’s social media posts. All her posts are high quality, relevant and beautiful. Her fans seem to love them too!

#9: Shawn Clayton

Shawn is a “Multi Million Dollar Producer” and he’s not afraid to share that fact on social media. He lists incredible waterfront properties and showcases them on Facebook and Instagram. Truly stunning work Shawn!

#8: Ilene Horowitz

We love Ilene’s content. It’s a great mix of business, information and fun! She shares upcoming events, important news and great listings with her thousands of social media followers.

#7: Moe Sankar

Moe has an astounding number of Facebook followers. He keeps them all engaged with his awesome real estate videos, photos and updates.

#6: Anita Kaźmierczak

Anita has a massive following across multiple platforms. She has thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She has great branding on all her social media accounts as well.

#5: Robert Northfield

Robert is a top Realtor in New Jersey. He has a great social media presence as well! His clients are always happy – we can tell from the several testimonials he shares on social media.

#4: Nancy Kowalik

Nancy posts unbelievable listings on her Facebook page and her followers can’t seem to get enough. We admire her dedication and commitment to posting consistently on social media.

#3: Sue Adler

Sue Adler and her team are dedicated to social media. They post consistently across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Due to their dedication, they have amassed a large following of people who engage with their great real estate content.

#2: Joshua M. Baris

Joshua is crushing it! He lists some truly amazing properties. When he does, he shares equally amazing Youtube videos with his fans. He has thousands of followers who love it.

#1: Chris Walsh

Just from his profile picture, you can tell that Chris Walsh means business. But, he also keeps it interesting with local posts that his fans love. Chris is doing an awesome job and the results speak for themselves!